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Erin Hart is a psychic and intuitive energy healer who works with you to facilitate your connection to the divine spirit, healing guides, and universal consciousness. Based in Denver, Colorado, Erin provides energy readings, intuitive healing, and psychic reading services to clients across the country by phone, email, and video chat.

Your energy fluctuates daily, and your experience is exactly what you need at the time. You may want Erin to look at your energy overall, or ask specific questions. As a result of the reading, you could feel energized, or calmer. You may release energy that’s no longer serving you, like grief or guilt. You may feel like something has “fallen into place” in terms of your thoughts, behavior, or energy. It’s a wonderful experience!If you are on a spiritual journey to find and celebrate your highest and best self, Erin would love to work with you. She teaches spiritual techniques that involve self-acceptance and lots of laughter. Her approach is completely nonjudgmental and accepting of all belief systems and lifestyles.

After readings, clients feel more whole, happy, and peaceful. Read more about Erin and her services, or contact her to schedule an appointment. Visit her blog for a dose of humor and connection to spirit.

I am so grateful that I found Erin! Her warm and loving presence puts me at ease immediately, whether we’re doing a session in person or on the phone. EVERY time I’ve had a reading with her, I’ve left with new clarity, insight, and peace. I have told many people about her, and I truly cannot recommend her highly enough! If you’ve been stuck spinning your wheels about the same issues, or need clarity on any situation in your life, please, give yourself the gift of a session with Erin. You won’t regret it! ~A.S.

“Erin Hart is a powerful healer. Not only does she provide the energy for healing and transformation, but her light and charming attitude causes relaxation and an uplifted spirit at the moment you first speak with her. Her insights are right on, leaving you feeling better than when you began, and she lets you know you are in good hands. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their health and lives.” ~M.B.

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