Benefits of the Deeksha Oneness Blessing

Two different deeksha oneness blessings, two completely different experiences, both wonderful. I’ll be going back for more. describes the blessing as an experience that “…transfers physical energy, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything,” a process that allows us to deepen our relationships with those we love, ourselves, the divine, and all other people. Deeksha Colorado describes it as “…a transfer of divine, intelligent energy. The process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening the energy centers in the body.”

The blessing is for everyone who is ready to receive it and is nondenominational. As with other forms of communication with the divine, such as yoga, chanting, and prayer, the benefits are plentiful: reduced stress, freeing the mind of repetitive thoughts and chatter, a sense of peace and calm, and a feeling of connection to all other beings.

One deeksha I attended was at a large Christian church, where the blessing was preceded by a concert of sorts given by Donna De Lory, a woman who sings a combination of sacred kirtan chant music and other snippets of songs we know (such as Amazing Grace) and songs she’s written herself. It was a delightful way to enter into a sacred space of mind and heart. The music was followed by a brief meditation and a transfer of divine energy from the monk Doug Bentley, who has been trained at the Oneness University in India. He sat up on the dais and gave the blessing for 15 minutes with his eyes open, a time when we were supposed to gaze into his eyes, followed by 15 minutes of giving the blessing with his eyes closed. We then listened to recorded kirtan chant music for 15 minutes with our eyes closed while we integrated the experience. We were encouraged to remain silent for the rest of the evening.

Another oneness blessing I attended took place at a small, nondenominational church. There, we lay on our yoga mats on the floor with our heads pointed toward the center of the room, where a man played more than a dozen crystal singing bowls for almost two hours. During that time, a woman sang prayerful tunes in a high, Celtic-sounding voice, and we received hands-on blessings from two different deesha givers. Each lightly touched our heads for about a minute, and this happened twice during our time together.

After both of these blessings, I found it incredibly helpful to take my shoes off and stand in the grass for a few minutes. It is not unusual for your physical body to feel a bit wobbly after energy transfers, and grounding this way brings you back to this world a bit more gracefully.

Though the blessings were completely different in format, my experience during both was of calm acceptance of the divine energy flowing through me. I highly recommend the oneness blessing to people of all faiths and belief systems. One thought at a time, one person at a time, we are shifting the consciousness of the planet away from fear and violence toward peace and love.


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