Into the Great Wide Open


Hot air balloon on a clear morning near the Rocky Mountain foothills

I’m impressed by people who ask for what they need–openly, honestly, and without shame. Their vulnerability amazes me. I aspire to be like them. They trust that their higher power, the universe, their communities, and their friends and family will support them and give them what they need. And they get it, albeit sometimes not in the form they imagined. They seem happy.

On the flip side, our capitalistic society has built in me a deep core of independence. Self-reliance. Strength. I know I can get through anything on my own by relying on my highly developed coping mechanisms (now mostly healthy rather than maladaptive). My faith in myself and my connection to the universe will get me through, most of the time with relative grace and ease.

So sometimes those same people, the ones I admire, also push my buttons. Who are they to ask for help? Can’t they make it all happen by themselves?

There’s the disconnect. It’s my tether to the universe that I rely upon to get me through the tough times, but that universe is comprised of guess who? Little ol’ me and all of the other shining lights that surround me. It’s these times of cognitive dissonance that make me step back and laugh at how my ego mind fights with my spirit self and the knowing of my true path.

The woman in this video, Amanda Palmer, found her way past the ego mind to get to the point of giving away her music in return for donations. She asked for what she wanted. It resulted in the largest crowd funded music project up to that point.

What my philosophy has distilled to over the past few years is this:

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Whether you ask the universe, your fans, or someone specific, you must ask. Put fuzzy, vague, static-filled intentions out, and what do you get back? Nothing. Or at least nothing good.

I vow to ask for at least one thing a day for the next 30 days. I am prepared to receive.

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