My name is Erin Hart, and I am a psychic and intuitive energy healer based in Denver, Colorado. I’d love to answer all of your questions about your spiritual path! Erin portrait2I channel divine energy to move you forward in life, work, and love.

My official credential is a certificate in ministry awarded through the Church of Love and Laughter for a one-year seminary program. I studied with reverend and master energy healer Naomi Horii and my classmates, who are also fantastic healers, for more than 100 hours over a period of 12 months.

All of it was amazing, and I was called to it like nothing else that had come before in my life. So that’s my official cred.

My street cred is hundreds of hours of meditation, yoga, and psychotherapy and the 300+ readings and healings I’ve done as a student, volunteer, and professional psychic. The wonderful souls I’ve worked with have used words like, “incredibly accurate,” “a bundle of light and joy,” and “helpful in moving me forward.”

I’m also a professional writer and editor (more about that work here). In my spare time, I love hiking, biking, and doing anything outside. In cooler weather, I craft and read lots of books about business, psychology, and spirituality.