Psychic Readings and Energy Healing

I facilitate your connection to and communication with the spirit world: guides, angels, the universal consciousness or superconsciousness, ancestors, and anyone else who has a message for you. The process helps you heal and move forward in life, with a clearer sense of purpose. If you are on a spiritual journey to feel whole and be abundant, I would love to work with you.

Services are available by phone, email, or video chat. A reading by phone or videoconference works exactly the same as in person. (In fact, it’s more accurate, because I’m not reading your physical cues at all.) The reading, communication, or healing takes place because your energy stays with you wherever you go, and I can read it regardless of your physical location.

Psychic Reading and Communication

With the help of Spirit, healing guides, and the universal consciousness, I read your overall energy and the energy of specific areas of the body, issues, or relationships. My intention is to guide you on your path to inner peace and the understanding that everything you need already lies within you. Psychic reading and healing empowers you to create your highest and best self and be one with the divine person you truly are.

Information comes to me as pictures, movies on a screen, intuition or “knowing,” feelings, and sometimes sounds. Past-life issues that relate to your life or your question may or may not come up during your reading. I may see future events as well, though of course you are a co-creator with the divine. Nothing is set in stone, and it’s all a fun adventure!

These are the kinds of questions that might come up during an psychic reading:

  • Which of these choices resonates best my soul path right now?
  • Is it in my highest and best interest to take this job and move to another state?
  • What is my role in my relationship with this friend/family member/colleague/romantic partner?
  • Do you see any causes for this physical pain I am suffering?
  • How can I tap into or fully experience my connection with the divine and the universal consciousness?
  • What are the gifts I’m meant to use in this lifetime?
  • What is keeping me from moving forward in this area of my life?

Energy Healing

I work with the energy fields in and around your body. With the help of my healing guides, I look at what you are ready for in that session. Using one or several different types of healing techniques, I work with your auras, chakras, and overall energy to balance, heal, and move out what is no longer serving you, such as pain, fear, or guilt. Energy healing is often combined with psychic readings, but always completed at a speed you are ready for and with permission.

Through the healing process, everything that already lies within you becomes more accessible to you at a physical, energetic, and spiritual level. Energy healing empowers you to be your highest and best self and be one with the divine person you truly are.

Or click here for more information about fees and scheduling.

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