House Blessings

A healing and blessing can make the space vibrate at an energy that’s right for you and others who will use it. This applies to personal houses, rental property, office space, buildings, land, and other spaces. House blessings are a wonderful way to make the space your own when a space just doesn’t feel quite right to you, you’re moving into new space, or someone new is moving in with you or using the space.

If you’re having difficulty selling or renting property, a healing and blessing can change the energy of the house or land and ready it for new owners or tenants.

The process involves:

  • First reading the energy of the house or other space as it exists
  • Reading the energy of the people associated with the property
  • Gauging where the energy of space should be in order to match it to the energy and desires of the people who will be occupying the space
  • Updating the vibration of each room and the space as a whole as needed
  • Asking for blessings from healing guides and the universal consciousness

Or click here for more information about fees and scheduling. Services are available in person at your location, my office, via video chat, or by phone. An appointment by phone or video chat works exactly the same as in person. The reading, communication, or healing takes place because the energy of the space is the same regardless of your or my physical location.

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