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Lessons from Buddha by Deepak Chopra

Photo courtesy of http://www.stockfreeimages.com/

Photo courtesy of www.stockfreeimages.com

The fictionalized account of the life of Buddha by Deepak Chopra is an engaging, beautifully written story that inspires and educates. I picked it up because it’s different than anything Chopra has penned, plus I’m a sucker for well-researched accounts of historical characters presented in the format of a novel. This one did not disappoint.

Ultimately, Buddha is the story of a man, Siddhartha, who gave up everything he had–wealth, status, power–and went on a quest to understand the true nature of self and to attain enlightenment. He didn’t know what the answers would be, but he was willing to learn from spiritual masters and go to great lengths to delve deep into himself to connect with the source.

Once he found enlightenment and transformed into the Buddha, he was surprised that he had to use words, or sermons, to communicate. His healing touch and thoughts could bring freedom–from guilt, sorrow, and attachment to worldly pleasure and pain–but they couldn’t bring enlightenment. He found that without a Dharma, or philosophy, earthly beings couldn’t take the next steps away from their current way of life toward the understanding that the self is an illusion and that the end of suffering is possible.

Buddha never talked about God or the gods. He shunned ceremony and “religious practices,” because they distract from the true nature of being one with the source, or superconsciousness. Ultimately, each person’s path to clarity and freedom is unique. That’s what I love about Buddhism. It’s not a religious practice; it’s a personal journey. One can follow any of the paths to enlightenment and move toward peace, tranquility, and connection.

At the end of the book, Chopra wrote an FAQ about Buddhism to help make it more accessible to the lay person. If you’re seeking clarity, or freedom, or enlightenment, I encourage you to read this book. If it calls to you, it’s time.

It’s All an Illusion, in a Good Way

I recently watched the movie People vs. The State of Illusion in the theater. Twice. It was that good. Austin Vickers, an attorney, uses the dramatization of one man’s experience in prison and the testimony of neuroscientists, biochemists, and thought leaders to prove that we create our own reality. Others have demonstrated the same concept in different ways, such as in the wildly popular book The Secret.

Mr. Vickers points out that each of us is bombarded by 4 billion bits of sensory data each day. We process less than one one-thousandth of one percent (>0.001%) of that data. What about all of the other bits that we filter out? It’s in that space that we find worlds that previously existed only in our dreams, or not at all. It’s where faith lies, and the lightness of being discussed in ancient texts like the Egyptian and Tibetan versions of the Book of the Dead.

The premise is that if we created our own world, including what we believe, feel, and think, we can create a new world as well, with different beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Of course, it’s not always as easy as snapping your fingers. The experts testify that we have created neural pathways from the time we are in the womb. Those neural pathways generate certain reactions and feelings in response to certain stimuli. For example, hearing raised voices (people yelling) may induce a flight response, complete with adrenaline, racing heart, and blankness of mind.

But we can also reprogram those pathways and create new ones. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about his experience of intentionally creating a connection to the universal consciousness, or superconsciousness, where he feels a lightness of being and melts away the daily worries that our society dictates are important. This is the space where creativity, imagination, and love reign supreme. And he tells himself, “Remember this.”

You can retrain your mind and body to be connected to your own divinity, even if it’s just one moment each week. It’s a beautiful place to be, and I invite you to join me there.